Studying - Internship Residence Permit in Turkey ( Student Residence Permit )

Student Residence Permit in Turkey

Adults above 18 years of age that will study in a higher education institution seated in Turkey or foreign nationals that will study at primary or secondary schools although their family do not reside in Turkey may get a residence permit during the term of prospective education.

Foreign nationals that wish to get a residence permit for studying must enrol with the relevant educational institution, apply, together with the registration certificates and instruments, to the Turkish representation office in the country they reside or are a citizen of, and enter in the country based on a studying visa.

Foreign nationals that enter in the country based on a studying visa apply to the relevant institution seated in the province of residence during the validity term of the visa, and ask for a residence permit issued. A residence permit valid during the term of studying will be issued for the applicant foreign nationals.

Are parents and other relatives of the foreign students that have a residence permit for students also eligible for a residence permit? Residence permit for students do not give any rights to the parents or other relatives of the foreign student in getting a residence permit. These people may however welcome for a residence permit as long as they meet the criteria.

May foreign students that have a residence permit for students get a work permit?

Students enrolled in an associate degree, bachelor's degree and doctor's degree programmes in Turkey may work provided always they get a work permit. However, right to work for students enrolled in an associate degree and bachelor's degree programmes will be vested after two years and may not exceed twenty four hours a week. Principles and procedures of employment for students enrolled in an associate degree programmes will be defined separately.

Are foreign students that come to Turkey within the scope of the EU educational youth programme eligible for getting a residence permit?

Foreign nationals that come to Turkey within the scope of the EU educational and youth programmes are given a residence permit regardless of the types of visa. A "residence permit for students" is given to those that will study or undergo internship at the universities depending on the content of the programme; otherwise a "short term" residence permit is issued. No information and document for subsistence are asked from students under such programmes.

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